Creating a multilingual site in Joomla 3.4

1) Go to Extensions -> Language Manager


Choose Install Language by pressing the button on top left corner and on the new page press button Find Language. In the search box you can filter the list with languages shown. In our case we type “Greek”. Then you choose the language pack you are interested in and click install button.

1) Go again back to Extensions -> Language Manager

You see the new installed language and by pressing on the star button you can make it the default. On the left column choose from the menu content and in the new page press New. Fill details accordingly for your language of choice as shown below:


Then save and close.

3) Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager

In search box type Language. Two disabled plugins appear. Enable them by pressing on their status buttons.


4) In order for Joomla to operate we need to keep the default menu (menu with home icon) and also keep its menu item Home in all languages set as default page (this already there since installation and we do not erase them or modify them). We also need to create menus for each language. Go to Menus -> Menu Manager -> Add New Menu. Fill details accordingly as shown below


5) Go to Menus -> [name of menu created] -> Add New Menu Item. Create a new menu item for each language menu as shown below.


Mind to choose the appropriate language and also very important set it as Default Page not showing in above picture. After saving the second menu item go to its Associations Tab and choose the others language menu item so switching between them is working smoothly.

5) Enable Language Switcher Module in a template module position. Go to Extensions -> Module Manager and press New. Choose Language Switcher, add title and select position in your Template where the module must appear. You are done!!

Creating a multilingual site in Joomla 3.4